Kendall Tenney

Communications Consultant

My passion is helping individuals and organizations achieve greater success by communicating with confidence.

Kendall Tenney

My Road to Consulting

 My entire career has led to this moment when I have the experience and passion to help individuals and organizations communicate with confidence.

During my nearly two decades as a television journalist, I picked up four Emmy’s and two Edward R Murrow awards and watched countless leaders and spokespeople fail to effectively communicate their intended messages. I also saw how devastating those media moments were to their images.

I took those lessons with me when I launched 10e Public Relations in 2010 and helped dozens of businesses achieve success through smart communication strategies. The media training I did with clients led to the growing list of communication workshops that I’m grateful to say, have been very well received.

I feel lucky to do something I’m so passionate about and to see how communicating with confidence has literally changed the lives of thousands of people and augmented the success of so many organizations.


Help you discover authentic communication

Why Work With Me?


There is always a higher level of communication to reach no matter where you or your organization are today. 

My mission is to help you discover authentic communication based on your unique core message. Doing that allows you to reach your highest potential and achieve greater success.

Communicate with Confidence

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