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Your sales pipeline is stagnant, and the pressure to bring in new business is immense. You and your sales team aren’t cultivating new prospects despite your best efforts, and jobs are now on the line.

 Ideally, your team could spend more time searching for new leads, but there aren’t enough hours in the day.

 It’s time to build a business development team that will keep your sales representative’s calendars filled with quality opportunities.


We make that happen

10e Consulting’s proven strategies will help you create a strong business development team that understands industry pain points and your company’s solutions. The result will be a healthy sales pipeline and increased revenue. 



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Cold calling can be a tremendous waste of time, but consider the following statistics:

  • Of C-level executives prefer to be contacted by phone 57% 57%
  • Of buyers accepted phone calls from new providers within the last 12 months 69% 69%
  • of buyers want to hear from sellers when they’re looking to solve a problem 62% 62%

Our consultants provide the strategies to deliver sustained outcomes.

While cold calling sometimes yields results, it often comes at the cost of many hours of prospecting. One study** found it takes 106 dials to convert a single meeting. Your sales team probably doesn’t have the time to make that many calls to get just one appointment. 

We’ve designed a multi-channel prospecting solution that turns cold calls into warm calls, cutting in half the number of touches needed to discover new prospects. The bottom line is increased revenue. 

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