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Communicate with Confidence and Thrive

With a strong PR and marketing strategy and most importantly, the confidence to communicate your core message, you and your team will reach new levels of success.

My Approach to Communications

Simply put, you got this.

Everyone I work with has natural abilities when it comes to communicating. Some are more aware of their skills than others. My mission is to help people at every level reach new heights and discover greater confidence when it comes to interacting with others.

It is not about techniques we’ve heard all our lives (i.e., how you stand, where you put your hands or whether you say “um” too much). And it’s really not about what you say.

I simplify the communication process by helping people and organizations discover their authentic core messages which ultimately give them much greater confidence and productivity.



Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Every organization will face a public relations crisis at some point. Having the right team in place when it happens can mean the difference between minimal damage and disaster.

Kendall Tenney has worked with organizations around the world and helped them successfully navigate an array of crises. Make him part of your team before the storm hits.

Media Training

You won’t sweat the big television interview or press conference after spending some time going through Kendall’s highly interactive media training workshops or one-on-one sessions.

Discover how much easier media interactions can be and learn how to communicate with greater confidence, no matter what your skill level is today.

Press Conference
One-on-One training

One-on-One Training

Whether preparing for a media interview, press conference or keynote, you’ll be completely prepared to communicate with confidence and convey your core message. No matter what your skill level, discover your greatest potential through one-on-one training.

Communication Strategies

Having a solid communication plan in place is paramount for any organization.

Kendall has helped more than one hundred companies, schools, politicians and entrepreneurs develop successful communication strategies surrounding start-ups, mergers and campaigns.


Communication Strategies


Your event will flow more smoothly and be more entertaining with Kendall as emcee. Kendall has emceed hundreds of events and always brings what the Review-Journal called “cheerful gravitas” to the occassion.

Kendall also delivers a keynotes that inspire audiences to become better communicators.


10e’s collaboration with Revenue Media Group gives your team a tailor-made marketing plan managed by an experienced and creative team that consistently delivers results.

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Public Relations

Public Relations

Getting your message in front of the right people at the right time is critical. And it takes a combination of strong connections and great passion.

10e has partnered with Revenue Media Group to create a powerful team that delivers fantastic results for clients.

Communications Workshops

These popular workshops have helped thousands of people to communicate with confidence. Find out how to schedule one for your team.


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